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December 24, 2004
Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year 2005! For me these past two weeks have been filled with shopping and other holiday activities, while I take a break from drawing during my time off. I should get around to new comics either next week, or soon after 2005 begins. I apologize for the lack of updates.

December 8, 2004
Exams are over, and the holiday season is beginning. I'm resting after my exams and I haven't got around to writing or drawing new comics yet. This past Saturday, I went to two Christmas-themed parties and those, along with the exams, wore me out. I'll see what I can come up with by the end of this week.

November 30, 2004
The comic for Monday (Nov. 29) is on the way, most likely on Tuesday (better late than never.) I've had to work on the home network for a bit, instead of doing the comic. As always, for breaking news about the comic or this website, check the Sundae Connection/Seriously Suzy forum first.

November 13, 2004
Thank you for reading Seriously Suzy, and waiting patiently for updates while I battle technical glitches, project deadlines, etc. I have made a major update to the gallery page; go check out some never-before-seen illustrations of Suzy and company! I have also added commentary for the comics from late-May 2004, as well as commentary for all of the September comics, so be sure to read the commentary while you're going through the archives!

November 5, 2004
Here it is, without anymore delay, is the Oct. 8 comic. I'm overcoming the dreaded "writer's block" and fighting off the "election fever" (but disappointed somewhat with most of the outcomes... oh well... but that's another story.) Anyways, I want to welcome new readers from and The Webcomic List to Seriously Suzy!

October 13, 2004
I'm very chagrined about the lack of updates... I am currently suffering from the dreaded disease known as "writer's block". What happened was, I used fall break as an opportunity to complete nine chapters' worth of assignments (for a business law class); as a result I'm finding it difficult to script new comics. I'm slowly being cured, though...

September 26, 2004
I have tweaked the layout of the website to accommodate the larger size banners that Comic Genesis displays. This was also an opportunity for me to weed out extraneous HTML and CSS code, so there might be a slight improvement when your browser renders these pages.

September 22, 2004
The comic storyline continues, currently with new comics three times a week (and I used to think that it was impossible!) I'm making little changes here and there on these pages when I have the time. One notable change is actually a feature I'm experimenting with; you can now easily bookmark any Seriously Suzy comic page, even the most recent comic, via the magic of the AutoKeen system! Internet Explorer (with JavaScript turned on) is needed to bookmark, or you can drag the comic's date link to your bookmarks folder (if you're using Netscape, Mozilla or FireFox.) The biggest advantage: if you use the new bookmark system on today's comic... when you return to Seriously Suzy, you'll come back to the comic you read last, instead of going straight to the newest comic (a nice feature for those who keep up with the story.)

I use FireFox almost exclusively, even though my comic-making computer barely meets the minimum system requirements (extra RAM helps.) Even on a low-end system like mine, webpages are displayed much faster than IE, and I don't have to worry about browser hijacks, unwanted downloads of "enhancements", stupid pop-up ads, or other system-clogging junk.

Get Firefox!

This news section was getting too long... you can find older news and site updates by clicking here.

September 6, 2004
Don't worry, I'm still alive. School has started again and the family business is slowly picking up. A few months back, my mother and my oldest aunt started a new wedding chapel (quite possibly the first wedding chapel in the area.) It was even featured in a couple of the local newspapers. I help in the family biz by maintaining the website, creating certificates, flyers, and other documents, and assisting in other computer-based business tasks; before that I started out by helping move solid oak pews, laying down carpet, and painting the walls. That explains the lack of comics since late May.

Somehow, in some way I'll stick to the existing comic script and catch up on the story. I may do the comic three times a week in order to do so; hopefully I can finish the current storyline and prepare Suzy for the 10th grade around mid-late September (in real life, kids typically go back to school in early August, sometimes earlier.)

June 7, 2004
I am sorry about the lack of new comics this week and last week. I've been busy with that business idea that was previously mentioned and I was also involved with a class paper that is due today (I've completed it on time.) The class assignment invited us to try our hand at writing satire, so while working on it I decided to use as my main characters a certain redhead and her mother! It's not biting satire, and it won't follow established Seriously Suzy and SunConn canon, but I think it's entertaining, in lieu of actual comics. Be sure to read "Ultra-MegaMart Comes to Town" today!

May 17, 2004
I'm back, and the summer semester is already in progress. But I have only one class for a mere eight weeks, so my comics schedule shouldn't get messed up again. This week, we finally get to meet Lindsey's boyfriend. Suzy isn't too sure about him (or his buddies), though.

Once again, I thank all who came by during Online Comics Day 2004 and checked out my participating comic. If I got you hooked on Seriously Suzy because of my OCD 2004 comic, then that is great! :) I look forward to OCD 2005, and any other events devoted to the appreciation of webcomics.

Mum's the word on that new business idea. We hope to get it ready by June.

May 11, 2004
No new comics this week... I'm taking the week off to finish up my exams and to get ready for the next semester. Thanks to all who have visited this site during Online Comics Day 2004! Remember to support webcomics and their cartoonists in any way you can.

Since there are no new comics, I've begun work on the long overdue gallery page. It is not 100% complete, but it's a start, as I showcase some early images of Suzy Peach. Another page that had some work done is the cast of characters page. Now there are character portraits beside their descriptions. I still don't have a links page yet, but I'm collecting links left and right...

What happened to the new comics: I was gonna do them this past weekend but I'm caught in the middle of designing a website for an upcoming family business. I can't say much about it since the business is rather unique for my city. The grand opening date is about two weeks from now.

May 4, 2004
For new readers: welcome to Seriously Suzy! To get a better understanding of this webcomic, please read Sundae Connection, the precursor to Seriously Suzy, and come back here. Note that the quality of comics at SunConn vary in quality, but the storylines don't. Please enjoy the comics and remember to tune in here on Mondays and Thursdays for more of the story!

Speaking of better understanding, I'm trying to work on a new feature, where I add commentary to each comic I produce. For each comic I give a brief synopsis, some background info on its creation and production, and most important, links to referenced Sundae Connection comics so that the stories can be fully understood. Adding the commentary to each comic would require adjustments to the page structure, so until I figure out how to add commentaries without radically altering the website, I present a separate page with each comic's commentary on it (this page may have some slight spoilers, so scroll carefully.) In due time, the commentaries on the page will be added to each comic, perhaps with some revisions.

[Since this update was posted, the comic commentary project has been completed, and the temporary commentary page that was linked here is now removed.]

I know... most of the website work is way behind schedule. The semester is almost over with; I have my Biology final Thursday and other exams next week. Then I'll have some (but not a lot of) free time. Be sure to check out the comic for Online Comics Day, which is this Wednesday, May 5. Because of my tight schedule, there won't be a comic on Thursday, unfortunately. Which ain't too bad, because another part of the storyline is about to begin and I'd rather have it begin on a Monday.

April 25, 2004
I'm happy to report that jury service wasn't all that bad. Over the past several years (comparing it to my mother's description of jury service) they've done some changes to make it a little more bearable (less waiting and sitting around.) I showed up at exactly 8:30 am, checked in with the jury clerk, and sat down to read a magazine. An hour later, the parties for one trial got settled in and the defendant pleaded guilty, so that trial was over and we waited for another hour.

By 11:00 am, the next trial was in place and the defendant pleaded not guilty to the charges, thus the trial was ready to begin and we all went across the street to the old county courthouse and sat down in the jury pool. I waited anxiously for the names to be called to the jury box and paid attention to the questions asked by both parties' attorneys. This trial (as well as the trial earlier in the day) involved a high school student who was arrested after selling drugs to an undercover officer (I was quite surprised to see the drug bust, involving all but one of the area's high schools, reported on CNN, perhaps receiving national attention because one of those arrested was a local high school basketball star and a one-time UNC prospect.)

After a few jurors were excused and others were eventually picked to replace them, the jury was seated and the judge dismissed the rest of us. My name was never called, so I was glad for that (since I didn't know how long the trial would be, I'd have to request a dismissal and explain my college and work schedule.) The trial lasted for a day and a half, and the defendant was acquitted. I received $12 for my service and I'm automatically excused from jury service for two years. A later article in a local paper summarized the outcomes of the other students caught in the bust; most of them plead guilty.

Time to move on and think of other things... exams coming up, the summer term about to begin, etc. Yikes! More comics are in production as I speak.

April 20, 2004
Update to the jury summons story: they want all summoned jurors to show up Wednesday morning. Yours truly will miss a test and a lab (both will be made up soon) and probably sit around the jury lounge of the criminal courts building most of the day. I'll report here (depending on what I'm allowed to say) about the experience later on.

April 18, 2004
I've finally updated the About and Cast pages of the website, way behind schedule (because comics are still top priority.) Go check out these pages, chock full of information on the comic and its characters. The links and gallery pages are coming up soon, both behind schedule as well. Let me know of any suggestions for the site.

Eeep! Looking at my calendar I find that I have a test and a lab on the same day as my possible jury service date (Wednesday 4/21.) On Tuesday evening I have to call to see if they need my presence; I'm making arrangements to make up the test and lab just in case my appearance is required. No idea as to what the case might be; hopefully it's something mundane so I won't be part of a real-life version of Twelve Angry Men...

April 12, 2004
Right now, I'm in the middle of making more comics for next month... including the special comic for Online Comics Day 2004! May 5 is the date of this unique event (formerly called Webcomics Awareness Day) which hopes to attract web surfers to the many webcomics out there on the Internet. In 2002, I participated in Webcomics Awareness Day with a behind-the-scenes look at Sundae Connection, and this year I plan to participate again, with something different that my readers will enjoy!

Still straightening out the as-yet-undetermined abuse of my bank card number... I'll let you know how that (and my possible upcoming jury date) turns out. I've been busy with some spring cleaning lately, out in my storage shed when it hasn't been raining or too windy outside. With my remaining free time I've been working on this site and the comics; the comics taking a greater priority. I hope you like this improvement to the news section... more site additions and improvements will be coming soon!

March 25, 2004
Whoa... what an interesting day it has been! First, while I was in my biology class the college's electricity went out, but it was only for an hour and a half so they didn't cancel classes; the last time the lights went out (which was also in biology class) classes were cancelled and I was one of a thousand students trying to exit the parking lot! Secondly, while reviewing my bank account balance on the Internet, I came across a charge that I definitely did not make... a couple of calls revealed that someone recently used my bank card number to open a toll-free number account, so I've arranged to have my bank card closed for now (and the company closed that fraudulent toll-free account as well.) And lastly, I check my mail and saw that my lucky streak had ended... for the first time ever, I'm being summoned to jury duty next month! I'll keep you posted on further developments.

Sigh... these things should be happening in comics, not real life! I'm still working on more Seriously Suzy comics, though production is behind schedule due to a rewrite. However, there should be enough comics for April, and I still need to work on the rest of this website...

March 16, 2004
Just got back from Charlotte on Sunday afternoon, but I was so tired I didn't work on any comics. Oh well, I'll have some more done by the end of this month.

March 1, 2004
All right! Here we are with Seriously Suzy, the new adventures of Suzy, Chad, Jeana, and the rest of Delphia City's denizens! What awaits these young people as they wrap up ninth grade at Pennlawn High and eagerly begin summer break? Check in every Monday and Thursday to find out!

As the comic begins, we are stepping back in time, a year or two ago, and look back on Jeana's past as she narrates. Then we'll pick up where we left off... :)

This month I promised myself that I would have at least one other webpage ready, the gallery page, but on the day I was scanning some artwork I had to leave for the afternoon. Soon I'll have all of the pages ready and uploaded.

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