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December 31, 2005
Hello all! I'm back from Christmas vacation! I wish you all a safe and Happy New Year 2006. Do you have any resolutions for 2006? I haven't made any yet... except maybe one so far ("at least one new comic per week if possible.")

Looking back on 2005, there were 43 comics... which is one less than 2004's total. So, doing at least one comic per week would equal at least 52 comics. I would like to do that, maybe more if I can, since the story needs to keep moving, moving, moving!

With the entry of 2006, January 1 will be the fifth anniversary of Sundae Connection's premiere! It does not seem like five years at all! I think I have some ideas for commemorating this special milestone... stay tuned! Another milestone comes in March 2006, when it will be ten years since I had that odd dream (the one starring a character very similar to Suzy Peach, as well as the first appearance of the name "Sundae Connection"!)

Again, Happy New Year 2006! See you in early January!

December 9, 2005
Regarding the update schedule... I'll try to put up a new comic at least once a week. Since this is the holiday season, I'll be getting ready for real-life holiday events and gift shopping. Also, temperatures around here keep on dropping, as the rainfall catches up (post-summer drought) it increases the likelihood of freezing rain and related power outages. Therefore, updates may not be on time. In case of longer than anticipated delays, I'll try to post news to the forum (if I can't post here.)

November 21, 2005
Attention!!! I ask those fans who are keeping up with the storyline, please re-read the November 18 comic. A major dialogue and story change was necessary, that's all I can say for now...

November 9, 2005
Updates may not occur on schedule as I would like. There are two ways of keeping up to date regarding new Seriously Suzy comics. You can create an account at and receive e-mailed updates about Seriously Suzy and other webcomics. Also, you can add my comic to your list at The Webcomic List, and keep track of updates that way.

October 31, 2005
Yeah, it's been a while, but I've been busy. Happy Halloween!

Sign up today for NFL Sunday Ticket from DIRECTV and save... er, never mind.

October 4, 2005
Aagh! I've got plenty on my plate... school work, tests, stuff that needs to be done in and around the house and outdoors (especially before winter gets here), being asked to design a logo for someone's class project, car maintenance, finding time to do more comics...!

September 9, 2005
Where have I been? Almost getting sick. I believe it's the change in weather that's causing it, but I do feel better now. The end of summer is almost near... huzzah!

An update: the Seriously Suzy CGWiki article has been greatly expanded, featuring introductions for each character. Here's something else: Burger Castle's Almighty Ruler... not just a man wearing a plastic head...

September 2, 2005
I couldn't get a comic ready for Friday 9/2. It was time to change the oil in the car, and I need to get two new tires soon... I sure don't mind doing any kind of car maintenance that I can do (especially if it helps maintain fuel efficiency of approx. 35 mpg, even on a car with 130,000 miles!) In this area, gas prices have settled around $3.29/gallon for 87 octane, but some stations have run out. I was lucky enough to fill up the tank when it was $2.45/gallon, before Katrina struck. I've started to make some adjustments, like planning routes beforehand with the help of Google Maps and refraining from using the drive-thru lines at banks and restaurants. Remember, these prices are temporary, and some sacrifices will have to be made in the meantime; hopefully this has jolted people to face the long-forgotten idea of energy conservation.

Anyways, here at the site, I have made some enhancements, along with the Keenspace/Comic Genesis name and link switchover. I have adjusted the comic navigation font sizes, making the nav-bar below the comic easier to see. If you look in the nav-bar for today's comic, you can access the archive of comics listed by date, as well as a new calendar-style listing. Also, if you have Firefox or a compatible browser, check out the nav-bar's alternate style sheet.

Currently in progress: Seriously Suzy article on CGWiki.

August 24, 2005
Sorry for having Tuesday's comic late... I had some things to take care of first. Check out the new Comic Genesis Wiki (a/k/a CGWiki) here... I'm working on an article about Seriously Suzy!

August 10, 2005
Yesterday's comic was late, due to some unknown tech problem with Comic Genesis. If the technical difficulties have been straightened out, you should be able to catch the next comic tomorrow (August 11) instead of Friday Aug. 12.

Some more things I've spotted: I'm not much into paintball, but my youngest brother is. While visiting an online paintball supplier, I noticed a couple of things:
What a great deal on this paintball accessory! We pass the savings markup on to you!
Um, I usually call those things sleeves, but, um, okay... remember to practice safe paintballing!

Somethin' else: Seriously Suzy ranked at #666... mwah-hah-hah!

August 7, 2005
I had a great vacation, and a not-so-great sunburn... ouch! Anyways, during this month, I'm gonna change the pages of this website so that all domains now reflect the change to or Comic Genesis links outside of Seriously Suzy will have, while Seriously Suzy links themselves will have The URL changes are gonna be gradual; I'll do a few pages at a time, so you'll run across some with By September, the change should be complete.

New comics are coming! Tuesday, August 9! Friday, August 12! Be there! :)

July 26, 2005
Sorry for the lack of updates... this heatwave has been getting to me, so I haven't done much if I can get away with it. Thank goodness I'll be leaving Wednesday. It's not the beach I'm going to, but a large lake, so I can stay cool in 100 degree heat! Also, I can sit at the lake shore or inside the trailer and think about nothing for three whole days. I haven't been on a good vacation since 2002!

In other comic-related news: the change has been made official... Keenspace is now known as Comic Genesis.

For right now, [comicname] domains still work and they coexist with [comicname].[insertnewdomainhere].com. Except that there's more than one choice to replace [insertnewdomainhere] (even though Comic Genesis is official.) Lemme run down the alternates:

Hmmm... vs. I think the winner is... I also think most Comic Genesis cartoonists are using anyways. Go ahead and bookmark because sometime in August, I'll go to the control panel and push the switch for my subdomain. may or may not still work after I do that, I dunno for sure.

July 19, 2005
I've been a bit busy as of late... After some thought, I've decided to shift the update schedule to Tuesdays and Fridays for the time being. That leaves me Monday to work on Tuesday's comic if I couldn't work on it during the weekend; that's much better than having to stay up Sunday night to finish the Monday comic. Also, after Tuesday's comic is out of the way, I have up until Friday to work on the comic for that day.

Next week, I'll be on vacation from July 27 to 29. A much needed vacation, out of town for a change... :) If time permits, I should have at least one comic ready for next week.

July 8, 2005
Seriously Suzy usually updates on Mondays and Thursdays... since Monday was Independence Day (Fourth of July), I decided to try shifting the update schedule a bit, posting the new comics on Tuesday and Friday of this week because of the holiday.

My thoughts go out to those affected by the July 7, 2005 attacks in London. I know a couple of people from school... one has a friend near London and the other has relatives over there; they've been contacted and they're okay (one of them actually went to work earlier than usual, luckily avoiding the rush hour.)

I should've announced this earlier, but please check out the commentary pages. Some of them have been enhanced with production art, such as character sketches.

June 28, 2005
I'm planning to go on vacation towards the end of July; I hope to have several comics in the queue by then. Some things I am working on for the Seriously Suzy website: the redesigned gallery and cast pages, the entire site CSS-enhanced (making some progress on it), and maybe a few extra pages (perhaps complementing the "About Seriously Suzy" page) such as the origin of characters and their names.

Look what I found at the local Ultra Mega-Mart for 99: one of those popular magnetic ribbons.

May 30, 2005
Hello to all from! I don't know what happened to their update checking system, but it apparently thought that I'd uploaded a new comic to Seriously Suzy. Well, I haven't got around to working on new comics, as you can tell. School's back in session, my sinuses exist solely to make me miserable, I helped in overdue routine maintenance on a water well, and I had to get my car ready to pass emissions inspection (a long story, you don't wanna hear it...) I guess I'll get back into comic production pretty soon, in between living life and learning how to do things in Windows XP Professional for my Network System Manager class.

Some observations... I should be keeping a log of all search engine queries that people have used to find the comic or this website. I used to keep a big list of them for Sundae Connection... I might publish that list one day. Hmmm... quite a few hits looking for "Jeana Jones"... at least two people in real life exist with that name (my apologies to the real Jeana Joneses out there; I didn't base my character on any of you.) :) Someone else was looking for a "school biology exam"; now, now, I'm telling your teacher!

Another observation... as you might have observed, looks like hardly anyone celebrated Online Comics Day 2005 on May 5. The regular organizers had real-life things to take care of. Oh well, I think I did a good job on my OCD 2005 entry, paying homage to a few of the many webcomic styles out there. I am now thinking of making the OCD 2005 comic non-continuity (not a part of the story continuity.)

When I use various online services, every once in a while I think of upgrading from free membership to "gold" membership, premium membership, yadda yadda, not just for the perks, but because of things like this (a high school classmate's bio.)

May 1, 2005
There won't be a new comic on Monday, May 2; I have an exam on that day. I'm using the remaining free time to work on my Online Comics Day 2005 special. I'm not sure if the OCD organizers are gonna have the new site up in time for May 5, so when I get the chance I'll log onto their forums...

Recently I made some slight changes to five previous Seriously Suzy comics; some changes are to revise dialogue, the rest are changes and edits to the art. The changes are so slight you probably won't even notice.

April 24, 2005
I've finished most of my school projects; the final exams are about to begin. Also I've been doing some DIY car repair, successfully changing out an old radiator hose. More comics are on the way (I hope.)

A sign that you've been online a bit too much: you recognize that a SBC/Yahoo DSL ad and the DirecTV Members Area have one thing in common... o_O

April 9, 2005
The newest comic is scheduled for Monday, April 11. I've been busy with school projects (as usual), with one coming due on April 18. Also, various tests as the spring semester winds down.

As a show of appreciation for those who are waiting for the next comic, I have updated the gallery page with three new pencil sketches. You'll find them at the bottom of the gallery page.

I'm currently assessing the hardware setup I'm using to create the comics. The scanner (the same one I've used for Sundae Connection) was purchased sometime in 1998, but it's been holding on for so long! (I'm knocking on wood now.) Still using the same computer, but the 3 GB hard drive is over 2/3 full. The BMP files I've used - there are 3 BMP files for each comic: one is the original scan, another is the scan with color added, and the third one is the reduced-size comic with lettering - are totalling up to 316 MB (for 52 comics!) One day, I'll archive them (plus comic related materials) to CD-R.

March 28, 2005
Attention Seriously Suzy readers! To prevent possible continuity errors, I have changed the dates of the latest two comics. The comic you're looking at, which is now the comic for March 28, used to be the March 17th comic. Use the archive feature and jump to the March 14 comic, and then proceed from there. I'll try to keep these storyboard snafus from occurring again.

March 18, 2005
Now that Keenspace's crash recovery is complete, Seriously Suzy should get back on schedule. During the recovery process, one page I'd been testing came in handy for checking recovery progress. Now I bring to you the list of Seriously Suzy comics by date. Now I need to figure out how to integrate this archive feature into the main site navigation...

March 7, 2005
After resolving technical problems, I now present new installments of Seriously Suzy. I plan on updating once or twice a week, most likely on Mondays and Thursdays.

March 1, 2005
Today, it has been one year since Seriously Suzy premiered! New comics are on the way; I've got some technical problems to tend to.

February 3, 2005
After some delay, the January 31st comic is finally here. It was delayed, partly because of a test at school and partly because I'm still dealing with car troubles. Also, the weather here is keeping me on my toes... it doesn't help when the weather is indecisive; they call for snow, freezing rain, or a wintry mix and it either rains all day, or it sleets then turns to rain.

Pages to work on next: a redesigned gallery page; a reworked cast page, with more characters and less possible spoilers; a catch-up guide for new readers so they won't have to suffer through SunConn's archives; other pages as I think of them...

January 18, 2005
After some thought, I've decided to license the Seriously Suzy comics and artwork with a Creative Commons License. You can read more about Creative Commons by clicking on the link, or on the license at the bottom of the page. Just keep in mind that the license doesn't affect the usual activity of reading the comic; it just means that you can freely share the comic and/or art, as long as no changes are made to the comics/artworks and there is no money charged. I'm currently deciding on whether to license Sundae Connection or the music of Scoundrel Muskrat under Creative Commons.

New comics are set to begin on January 24; update frequency is unknown at this time (either once or twice a week until my schedule is settled.)

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